Hewson Lab at Cornell

Team Aquatic Virus - Microbial Oceanography, P.I. Ian Hewson, Ph.D.

Team Aquatic Virus Research Expeditions

The Hewson Lab plan many research expeditions on its own to further investigation into marine biochemical and eclogical trends. The Hewson Lab also collaborates with many other expeditions that share our goals. Here's a list of the recent trips we've taken with information about each and reports from Ian. Click each link below for more information about our expeditions!

Chesapeake Bay Cruise, July 2011

  1. Life in the Dead Zone, Chesapeake Bay, MD

Green Lake Cruise, October 2010

  1. Allochthonous viruses of agricultural origin in New York State freshwater resources
  2. Characterization of thrombolitic bioherm cyanobacterial assemblages in a meromictic marl lake (Fayetteville Green Lake, New York)

Shoals Marine Lab, Summer 2010

  1. Ian increases his involvement at the Shoals Marine Lab

East Tropical South Pacific Cruise

  1. Julie Brown's 5-week research expedition aboard the R/V Atlantis

ECOHAB Karenia Cruise, West Florida Shelf, October 2009

  1. ECOHAB Karenia Cruise, West Florida Shelf

St. Petersburg / Bayboro Harbor April 2009

  1. Tampa Bay / Bayboro Harbor April 2009