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Team Aquatic Virus - Microbial Oceanography, P.I. Ian Hewson, Ph.D.

East Tropical South Pacific Cruise

In February of 2010, Hewson Lab graduate student Julie Brown participated in a 5-week research expedition aboard the R/V Atlantis.  This trip was part of a two-part series of research cruises organized by Dr. Douglas Capone of USC and Dr. Angela Knapp of University of Miami set out to explore nitrogen processes taking place in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific.  The cruise left out of Iquique, Chile and returned to Arica, Chile.  On that cruise, Julie assisted Kendra Turk, a member of Dr. Jon Zehr’s lab at UC Santa Cruz, who collected DNA and RNA samples as part of the larger nitrogen cycling project.  In addition, Julie made SYBR Green 1 slides for bacterial and viral counts and collected viral, bacterial and zooplankton samples for future Hewson Lab projects.

View of the R/V Atlantis from the Port of Iquique, Chile

Julia and another graduate student researcher pick zooplankton and phytoplankton specimens from materials collected via a net tow.

View of the horizon and the moon on a clear evening aboard the Atlantis.

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