Hewson Lab at Cornell

Team Aquatic Virus - Microbial Oceanography, P.I. Ian Hewson, Ph.D.

Shoals June 2009

Personnel: Ian Hewson, PI

Ian traveled to Shoals in June 2009 to initiate an experiment with Joe Simonis (Grad Student Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) examining the impact of DOC on bacterioplankton communities in mesocosms. This involved extracting HMW DOC from tannin-rich waters of an island reservoir, then adding this back to mesocosms containing a standardized bacterioplankton community and water source. We ran the experiment for 21 days, and collected additional samples from supratidal pools to establish temporal variation in individual pools. The analyses included chlorophyll a, physicochemical conditions, bacterial abundance, and microbial DNA, which we later analysed by ARISA.


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