Hewson Lab at Cornell

Team Aquatic Virus - Microbial Oceanography, P.I. Ian Hewson, Ph.D.

RNA viruses in the Water Column and Sediments of Babb’s Cove, Appledore Island, ME

RNA viruses are a largely unexplored component of marine viral assemblages, and RNA viruses within sediments are even more uncharacterized.  The Hewson Lab has constructed two RNA virus metagenomic datasets, one from water collected in Babb’s Cove, Appledore Island, home of Shoals Marine Lab, and the other from RNA viruses taken from the sediments of Babb’s Cove.  This project seeks to examine similarities and differences between the water column and sediment viruses, and to probe differences in decay rates of RNA viruses in sediments compared to RNA viruses found in the water column.

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